For Natural Energy

Natural Energy BG Ltd is an independent distributor of Aqua Source.


Activated by the idea to turn towards Nature and the health and energy it’s giving to us, we create this project, showing a lot of possibilities for a promising beginning. It’s accessible to everyone and can contribute to healthy life which is full of energy, positive turn of events, financial peace of mind and spare time.


We are young, active and intelligent people realizing that today’s way of life - dynamic and competing against the time - put human body through the mill. It’s a fact that we are more and more tired and stressed; we dare not to take a deep breath of the polluted air in the city and our food is manufactured and “improved” with no matter what.


We discovered the things which help us to cope every day with the challenges of life and we want to show you them. The reason is that every human being has the right to know that in spite of the imprint of the civilization, he has possibility to turn towards Nature, which gives always to us everything we need.


The information in this site is directed to all intelligent and responsible for oneself people, which want to improve their health, the quality of their life and to remember what is to be full of inexhaustible energy, so typical for the children.


The products we proposing are not medicines in spite of their powerful curative effect. Their power is in prevention of diseases - health improving, rejuvenation and life extension, more energy and detoxification of the human organism. These natural products are the most sophisticated cell food, created by the Mother Nature.   


We invite you to join the natural thinking and the multilevel marketing to create the things you want to achieve. 


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